Mind over matters

As improvements in medical science and technology allow us to live longer, incapacity – both physical and mental – is becoming a growing local and global problem. Contrary to popular misconception, dementia is not a normal part of aging, but… Read More ›

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  • The beauty of a retirement annuity

    RETIREMENT ANNUITIES The past decade has seen the rise in popularity of the unit trust retirement annuity – a new generation of retirement investment that offers more flexibility, greater transparency and reduced investment costs. Unlike the traditional insurance RA which… Read More ›

  • Balancing the festive season budget

    As we relax and unwind over the holidays, it is easy to loosen our grip on our finances. With most retailers already in full festive season swing and Black Friday only days away, being caught up in the excitement of… Read More ›

  • Retirement planning for the gig economy

    Retirement is becoming more and more fluid, with many retirees choosing to work and feel economically purposeful well beyond the formal retirement age of 65. The exciting gig economy, originally the domain of millennials, is proving to be perfect for… Read More ›

  • How to plan to not retire

    If you are planning to work for the rest of your life, it is entirely understandable if saving for retirement is not top-of-mind. The idea of a formal retirement at age 65 followed by a sedentary life of golf and… Read More ›

  • A most disturbing gap

    During their working careers women face a unique set of financial challenges, only to be faced with a second unique set of challenges when they retire. Vaster than the gender pay gap, although possibly less well publicised, is the significant… Read More ›

  • The power of the pink purse

    The size of the female economy – sometimes referred to as the ‘Sheconomy’ – is staggering. Women now represent a growth market that is twice the size of China and India combined. It is believed that women are now the… Read More ›

  • The next chapter

    The retirement life stage, whichever way you choose to structure it, can be an incredibly stressful time for those experiencing it. In the 1960s, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe developed a scaled list of 43 of the most stressful… Read More ›

  • Happy families

    Over the past three decades the role of professional planner has developed to the extent that he now fulfills the roles of mentor, guide, co-strategist and trusted advisor to the client and the client’s extended family. More and more clients… Read More ›