The most important fundamental when it comes to personal financial planning is that the entire process is about you. From the very first meeting to the final implementation of your chosen financial solutions, the underlying pillar of our business is that all our advice and service must be in your best interests. Here’s what to expect when you visit Crue Invest:

1. Understanding where you are

As a first step in the process, we will set up an initial consultation with you which is entirely free of charge. In our meeting, we will get to know each other, explain our financial planning processes to you, discuss our fee structure and understand more about your financial position. We do not sell products. Our service offering to you is our expert financial advice. At no stage during our interactions will we push products, sell policies or advise you to churn existing policies. All our advisors have university qualifications and are Certified Financial Planners, which is the highest internationally recognised qualification in our industry. The first step in our process will therefore be to understand where you are financially. This will involve discussions about what policies and investments you currently have in place, what you earn, how much you spend, whether you have a Will, potential inheritances, financial constraints or difficulties, and any other information that will assist us in getting a full overview of your current financial position. We hold client-advisor confidentiality in the highest regard, and all information shared between our advisors and our clients is guarded with great care.

2. Understanding where you want to be

Understanding where you want to be financially is key to developing your financial plan. In this step, you share with us your goals and dreams. This process will allow you to share with us details such as how and where you wish to educate your children, where you want to live, how many holidays you’d like to take, what age you’d like to retire, how often you’d like to travel, what you’d like to do in retirement, what type of legacy you’d like to leave your loved ones and any other information that is needed to paint a clear picture of your desired financial future.

3. Helping you get there

After our initial consultation, your financial advisor together with his team of para-planners and in-house experts, will perform a complete analysis involving every aspect of your plan. This will include analysing your need for risk protection, how to address your retirement funding shortfalls, how to set up an emergency fund, the best way to finance your children’s education, where to save, how to budget, preparing a valid Will, amongst many other things. Part of the value we add as financial advisors involves taking all the information regarding where you are, analysing where you want to be, and then developing a comprehensive, but easy-to-understand financial plan which we will present to you at our second meeting. The plan is, in essence, your personalised map of how to get there.