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Crue Invest is a niche independent financial planning company based in Pinelands, Cape Town, that provides fee-based financial advice in the areas of retirement funding, risk, estate planning, trusts, wills, healthcare and tax.

  • Making what’s yours, theirs

    Far from just drafting a Will and reducing Estate Duty, there is a lot more to Estate Planning than many people realise. It is a complex area of financial planning that requires financial, legal and tax expertise if you intend… Read More ›

  • Financial freedom at any age

    The traditional road to a well-funded retirement is a linear process that follows the predictable trajectory of school, university, job, marriage, children, travel and then retirement – a process which is supported by approximately 480 pay cheques and interspersed with… Read More ›

  • Unseen threats to a seemingly secure retirement

    Whilst many investors consider the most ominous threats to their retirement savings to be unpredictable market forces and failing economies, the truth is that some of the greatest threats to one’s retirement can be latent and unassuming. Even the most… Read More ›

  • Money mistakes to avoid in your 30s

    The financial decisions you make in your thirties can set the general course of your financial journey and it’s absolutely essential to get them right. Major decisions such as marriage, children, property purchases and career-changes are hallmarks of one’s thirties,… Read More ›

  • Long-term investing in a short-term world

    Long-term investing in a short-term world is one of the most difficult things to do. With very little designed to last the distance (think smart phones, shoes and children’s toys), developing a healthy mindset towards remaining invested for a period… Read More ›

  • Financial advice in a junk status economy

    There are endless repercussions of our recent downgrade to junk investment status, but it is important to understand how this will impact the lives of average South Africans. In the first instance, consumers should be cautioned against anticipating an immediate… Read More ›

  • Financial planning for Millennials

    Millennials are digital natives, having been born in the age of convenience with an app for everything. Being 2.5 times more likely to be early adopters of technology than any other generation, they are entrepreneurial to the core and value… Read More ›

  • Planning for the rest of your life

    The South African retirement industry boasts an impressive array of investment vehicles for investors to choose from and, while choice is an imperative, it can make the environment difficult to navigate. There are four main types of retirement funds available… Read More ›

  • The multi-level matrix

    Pyramid schemes and/or Multi-Level Marketing companies are often sought out by South Africans as a way of escaping poverty and debt, especially in tough economic times. With fake news infiltrating social media channels at an unprecedented level, it is an… Read More ›

  • Fee-based advice is best

    Fee-based financial planning practices are relatively new entrants in the financial planning arena, having made their appearance within the last fifteen years or so. The move towards charging a professional fee for financial planning advice has gained momentum, and there… Read More ›

  • Christmas gifts that keep on giving

    This Christmas will take place against the backdrop of global economic and political turmoil, and a severely cash-strapped consumer base. Local political shenanigans, as well as Donald Trump’s election as the next US president, have had detrimental effects on the… Read More ›

  • Don’t blow your bonus

    Before your year-end bonus lands in your bank account, give some careful thought as to how you intend to use it. Your short-term decisions can have lasting effects on your 2017 financial health, and our advice is to be prudent… Read More ›

  • Just imagine

    Modern technology has provided us with the ability to purchase anything, any time and by almost any means. As convenient as this may be, the speed at which we are now able to transact means there is no longer a… Read More ›

  • There is no blueprint for this

    History repeats itself, but not always. When it comes to retirement planning, trends show that our retirement will look nothing like our parents’. With rapidly increasing longevity, boundless advances in medicine and the advent of new investment vehicles, it is… Read More ›

  • eFiling made easy

    1 July 2016 marked the opening of the new tax season which means that individuals are able to complete and submit their income tax returns. eFiling via the official SARS website is undoubtedly the most efficient way of filing one’s… Read More ›

  • 10 Habits of financially independent people

    While financial success may mean different things to different people, financial independence speaks to a universal language. Financial independence allows a person control over one of our greatest gifts here on earth: time. Regardless of the monetary value of financial… Read More ›

  • What if?

    I don’t need a financial plan – I have policies in place. This is a common, albeit misguided, response by many when probed on the all-important issue of financial planning. Ironically, the existence of these so-called policies – invariably sold… Read More ›

  • Couple counselling

    Marriage is normally a time of immense joy, heady romance and the celebration of an exciting new future together – all of which can be short-lived if there exists a lack of harmony when it comes to money. Although far from… Read More ›

  • Advice avoidance

    Many people have an aversion to seeking independent financial advice, and it is often not confined to the serial procrastinator. Whether through ignorance, insecurity or fear, there are a number of underlying reasons why some people tend to shy away… Read More ›