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Crue Invest is a fiercely independent financial planning company based in Pinelands, Cape Town, that provides fee-based financial advice in the areas of retirement funding, risk, estate planning, trusts, wills, healthcare and tax.

  • Feel like a sandwich?

    Ever feel like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place? Or worse, wedged firmly between two slices of stale bread with no chance of escape? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, statistics show that around 20% of adults… Read More ›

  • Life for the non-earning wife

    For many years, middle class South Africa has been plagued by hordes of over-zealous (and often poorly qualified) insurance brokers, over-anxious to flog their array of over-complicated, barely-understood insurance products with badly drafted sales pitches intended to seduce you into… Read More ›

  • Thy Will be done

    Talking about your death is not the most uplifting topic of conversation to have with your partner. No one really wants to contemplate dying, or what will happen to your spouse and children if you were no longer around. This… Read More ›

  • Money mistakes made by couples

    Forget sex and the mother-in-law. When it comes to the real reasons couples fight, money is undoubtedly the biggest relationship wrecker of all. Let’s face it – managing our own money is hard enough. Throw another person into the fiscal… Read More ›

  • Penny wise, pound foolish

    Yes, we’ve all heard the famous idiom that cautions us against frugally counting our pennies and saving every hard-earned cent, while at the same time losing sight of the larger picture to the extent that we lose more money than… Read More ›

  • Lend or lose?

    Okay, so here’s another truly fascinating money matter – the question of whether or not to lend money to a family or friends. Whilst the easy answer would be an emphatic NO, unfortunately emotions have a way of conquering logic… Read More ›

  • Tough questions kids ask about money

    If you think kids can ask some tough questions about sex and where babies come from, you’ll be surprised to know that some of their questions about money are even more difficult to answer! In my previous blog, Talking to… Read More ›

  • Braving the budget

    If you’re anything like me, then drawing up your personal budget comes somewhere far down the list of “Things to do” – somewhere between “Service the dishwasher” and “Clean the gutters“. I’ve thought about this question ad nauseum – why… Read More ›

  • Are you scared of money?

    This question may sound ridiculous, but the reality is that there are millions of people who are genuinely afraid of money. After years of research, psychologists now understand that some people have deep-seated psychological problems with debt, money worries and… Read More ›

  • The psychology of impulse buying

    If an impulse purchase is defined as “anything that you didn’t intend buying when you walked into the shop”, then pretty much most of what I buy can be classified as an impulse purchase. Let’s get real – our lives… Read More ›