Financial Planning

The “now” generation

As humans, we are hard-wired to think of delayed gratification as withholding or denying pleasure. Enter a generation of people obsessed with immediate gratification, and it could well be that patience and persistence are becoming dying art forms. Search as… Read More ›

For the love of money

Like the age-old institution of marriage, the relationship between humans and money is a topic of endless debate and conjecture. If the agreed point of departure is that we all require money in varying quantities in order to survive (and… Read More ›

New Year’s revolution

Like eating less and exercising more, taking charge of one’s financial affairs is usually top of the list when it comes to new year’s resolutions. However, as with all good intentions, us humans are hard-wired to spend most of January… Read More ›

Smart shopping

Amidst the tinkle of tinsel, the bobbing of baubles and tinny renditions of age-old carols, the average consumer might be forgiven for misplacing their well-intended shopping list as their internal impulse mechanisms signal high alert. With most shops ablaze with… Read More ›

Money myths debunked

There are unfortunately many widely-held but utterly false beliefs about money which, if not debunked, will only serve to propagate the cycles of debt, poverty and problems of an under-saved nation. In fact, the initial step in good financial literacy… Read More ›

Bright futures

Funding for education has evolved dramatically over the past forty years, especially as the South African education system has been transformed from the heavily subsidised pre-1994 state system to the less-subsidised government education model that our children enjoy today. Having… Read More ›

As luck would have it

While retailers bemoan the consistent reduction in sales directly related to the rampant recession, it seems that the one industry left flourishing in the steady wake of economic downturn is the national lottery. Far from forcing the debt-ridden onto a path… Read More ›