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From high street to i-street

Having seemingly perfected the design and allure of the modern day mall, large property developers and retailers are both fearful of and flummoxed by the online purchasing revolution. With billions of Rands invested in a mass of monolithic malls that… Read More ›

No place for greed

Whilst it’s true that modern psychology is founded on the assumption that, in general, humans tend to think and behave rationally, this assumption has become somewhat of a misnomer in the realm of investing. Enter the relatively new field of… Read More ›

My budget speech

As far as experiences go, most humans consider the task of preparing a budget as slightly more enjoyable than root canal and not quite as riveting as standing in the queue at a Clicks pharmacy. Tomes of evidence exists to… Read More ›

In too deep

Of all the mathematical equations we’re faced with daily as financial planners, there’s none quite as simple as this: to be debt-free you need to spend less than you earn. Coupled with the widely accepted axiom that money can’t buy… Read More ›

Not a penny more

Of all the tactical weapons available to retailers when promoting their wares, the seemingly simplistic ploy of pricing could have more powerful leverage than one would imagine. In the competitive midst of brand power and corporate identity, it appears that… Read More ›

Back to the future

As we age, we grow more confident in the knowledge that we’re more acutely aware of the marketing ploys and clever wiles of advertising agencies. We’re hardened and discerning consumers, immune to the age-old tactics of marketing moguls and impervious… Read More ›

Master of the mall

Enter the brightly lit, magnificently mirrored corridors of any large shopping mall, and all of ones senses are immediately swamped by a kaleidoscope of architectural brilliance, sweet-scented aromas, pristinely tiled floors, gleaming surfaces of unfathomable lengths and sheer, unabashed decadence…. Read More ›