Crue Invest has an expert employee benefits team which is headed up by Gareth Collier and which aims to provide companies with uniquely-tailored benefits for their human capital. Attracting and retaining the right talent to an organisation is key to any company’s success, and Gareth is passionate about finding and customising employee benefits solutions depending on the specific needs of its people. The success of any employee benefits solution depends on the organisation’s human capital being informed, educated and empowered. Our employee benefits programme has therefore been designed to include a strong education and training component that ensures all levels of talent within an organisation are fully empowered. Our basic financial literacy course, which is geared towards blue collar employees, is delivered to companies as part of our corporate social investment programme. We also provide presentations geared towards encouraging young professionals to begin investing as soon as possible, including advice on the most appropriate structuring of their investment and risk portfolios. Comprehensive member education sessions are held in respect of any implemented group solutions to ensure that members fully understand their group risk and retirement benefits. In addition to this, Crue Invest’s financial advisory team is available to any employees who are about to retire to ensure that the most appropriate decisions are taken with regard to their pension, provident and retirement fund benefits. Naturally, our financial advisory services continue throughout retirement and include all aspects of portfolio structuring, estate and tax planning. Our three-pronged approach to employee benefits provides custom-crafted solutions, the ongoing empowerment of human capital and continued partnership with the organisation to ensure that the best talent is attracted, retained and cared for.

For more information about our Employee Benefits solutions, please feel free to download the Crue Employee Benefits Brochure, as well as further information about Group Risk Cover and Group Retirement Funding. For more information, kindly contact Gareth Collier directly on (021) 530 8500 or at gareth@crue.co.za.