Financial Calculators

If you have debt, our advice is always to ensure that it is managed and reduced through a carefully monitored debt reduction plan. This incredible little tool is immensely powerful in quantifying your debt, understanding interest charges, planning your repayments and mapping the reduction and ultimate elimination of your debt over a fixed period of time. Another vital step towards financial freedom, this Debt Reduction Calculator is a vital tool in the financial armament.

Preparing your budget is the first step towards effective lifestyle financial planning and is an essential tool regardless of how much (or little!) you earn. Before we can help plan your financial future, we need to understand your income and expenditure, debt and disposable income. We encourage everyone to make use of this easy-to-use Crue Consulting Budget Calculator which, we believe, is the first step towards achieving financial freedom.

Understanding tax means knowing exactly how much you are paying to SARS, what your net income is and will help you in calculating the most tax efficient manner to fund for your retirement. To help you calculate and plan your tax take a look at the Crue Consulting Tax Calculator 2013. This calculator has been specifically designed to make calculating your tax easier!

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