Effective financial planning starts with a number of basic financial planning tools. When it comes to financial management, tools that can assist one with budgeting, tax and debt management are essential. From an estate planning perspective, having a Last Will & Testament is absolutely vital as it ensures that your assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes should you die. It would also provide protection and guardianship for any minor children you may have. In addition to a Will, many people elect to sign a Living Will. A Living Will is a document addressed to one’s family and medical doctors requesting that your are not kept on alive on artificial life support should you be declared medically incapable of living.

To access the various templates, please click on the links below:

This Excel spreadsheet will enable you to calculate your tax for the 2016/2017 financial year: 2016 – 2017 TAX TABLES

This Excel spreadsheet will help you to draft a monthly budget so as to manage your household expenses better: CRUE INVEST Budget Calculator

This is a very powerful tool for anyone who is in debt and wishes to reduce (and ultimately eliminate) their debt: CRUE INVEST Debt Reduction Calculator

This provides a comprehensive explanation of the Living Will as it applies to South Africa. Please read this document before signing a Living Will:  About the Living Will

This document can be downloaded in PDF format, and can be completed and signed as your Living Will. Please ensure that your family and physician are made aware of the existence of this Will: My Living Will

As a complimentary service to all clients our legal advisor, Eric Jordaan, will prepare and draft a Last Will & Testament for you. Should you wish Eric to prepare a Will for you, it is necessary to gather all relevant information from you in the form of this questionnaire: Last Will and Testament Questionnaire