Giving back to others and uplifting communities is, and always has been, an integral part of our business. Over the years, we have developed a number of in-house initiatives which have evolved into fully-fledged workshops that we run successfully on a pro bono basis. Here is more information about these 4 workshops:

  1. The Basic Financial Literacy workshop is a fun and interactive workshop aimed at domestic and blue collar workers. This course is presented by Craig Torr in a combination of Xhosa, English and Afrikaans. It tackles the concept of compound interest, and unpacks the inherent dangers of credit and the dark side of debt. Download brochure here: Basic Financial Literacy

  2. The Journey to Financial Independence workshop has been designed specifically for young professionals starting out their careers. Those embarking on their careers are often faced with an information overload when it comes to insurance and investments, and many professionals end up delaying the implementation of a financial plan. This course lays the groundwork for sound financial planning and teaches young professionals how to do financial planning correctly from the outset. Download brochure here: Journey to Financial Independence

  3. Our retirement planning workshop, Planning for the rest of your life, talks directly to those planning their retirement as well as those already in their retirement years. The increase in human longevity means that many retirees could spend 30 years in retirement. Besides for ensuring that you do not outlive your capital, there are emotional, psychological and logistical factors that need to be built into your retirement plan, and this course is designed to bring all these considerations together to ensure that retirement planning is done right. Download brochure here: Planning for the Rest of your Life

  4. Talking with Teens is an interactive workshop in which we talk with teenagers about money, brands, image, and how trying to keep up with the Kumalos places financial strain on their parents and guardians. We explore where money comes from, how the family budget works, and why saving for education is more important that wearing the latest Vans. Download the brochure here: Talking with Teens

If you would like us to present or conduct any of the above workshops, we would love to be able to assist you and your organisation. Please feel free to email should you require more information regarding these courses. You are also welcome to contact us on (021) 530 8500 to chat about this offering.


Craig conducting a Talking with Teens workshop.