Part of the financial planning process is to fully understand your medium- and long-term investment goals. Whether you are saving for an overseas holiday, a deposit on a new home, your children’s education or  your retirement, our aim is to craft an investment plan that is as unique as your personal goals.

The multi-manager approach

Crue Invest outsources the portfolio management and selection of underlying investments to carefully selected discretionary fund managers. A rigorous selection process ensures that we only partner with those discretionary fund managers with long-term track records of consistently excellent returns. We are partnered with a number of highly reputable discretionary fund managers who, based on your specific investment mandate, decide on an appropriate asset allocation (mix of local and offshore equities, cash, bonds and property) as well as select the unit trusts used to express that asset allocation. The portfolio is implemented via the administrative platform and is managed on an ongoing basis. Ongoing management involves the rebalancing of the portfolio in order to ensure consistency of returns within the mandate, implementation of mandate changes as well as any expression of asset management views by the DFM.

The role of the discretionary fund manager

The discretionary fund manager is responsible for :

  • Devising a long term strategic asset allocation that is most likely to meet your required return at the least amount of risk
  • Selecting underlying unit trusts and fund managers that are likely to generate excess returns to benchmark within the various asset classes
  • Blending of underlying unit trusts within asset classes and across asset classes in order to create the most efficient portfolio

The discretionary fund manager is responsible for selecting the underlying fund managers and unit trusts that will be used to implement the required asset allocation of your portfolio. Typically, the underlying fund manager has a pre-set mandate within a given asset class which they manage their unit trust to. The underlying fund managers are therefore specialists in their respective asset classes and attempt to generate superior returns to an appropriate benchmark at a lower level of risk.

The blending of specialist managers within asset classes as well as having the DFM managing your overall asset allocation, results in a huge amount of professional resources working on your portfolio. The outsourcing of certain functions allows us, as your advisors, to focus on financial advice and the achievement of your goals and objectives. This ultimately ensures that the skills and expertise of each contributor are being deployed in the most efficient manner.

Assets under management

At present, Crue Invest has client assets under management of almost R1 billion. As a fiercely independent financial planning practice, we are not affiliated in any way to any particular investment house and our clients’ assets are invested across a variety of investment platforms, including Allan Gray, Investec, Sygnia and Glacier. Crue Invest is a fee-based financial planning practice.

Our investment partners

Investment Partners