Because financial planning is a life-long process, we believe in establishing life-long relationships with our clients. Our desire is to forge personal trust relationships with each and every client upon which all future interactions are be built. Confidentiality, trust and mutual respect are the three pillars of all our advisor-client relationships, and we hold these values very dear. By design, Crue Invest is a small and intimate business. We make it our business to know all of our clients personally and to engage regularly with them. From our first interactions with our clients we follow a six-step financial planning process which involves the following:

1. Establish and define a professional advisor-client relationship

Our first meeting is all about you. We will use this time together to understand your personal and financial situation. It would be useful for you to bring along all documentation relating to your finances, but a complete list of everything required will be sent to you prior to the meeting. We understand that some people are intimidated by finances or have a fear that they won’t understand matters. Our commitment to our clients is to ensure that every aspect of one’s finances is unpacked, analysed and explained to the client in a language they can understand. Our first meeting will form the basis of our relationship, and will lay the foundation for all future interactions. We look forward to getting to know you.

2. Understand your goals and gather personal information

In reality, most of our lifetime goals are linked to money. Weddings, travel, houses, vehicles, hobbies, education, retirement and holidays all require careful planning and adequate financing. During our first interactions we aim to find out more about these goals and dreams. By appreciating what is important to you we will be able to attach appropriate value to each of your goals, and put plans in place to help you achieve them.

3. Independently analyse and evaluate your financial status

After our first meeting we should have a very clear picture of your current financial position. The next step is to sit with our team of financial and legal experts to analyse the information we’ve collected from you. This will involve assessing your earnings, expenditure, current policies and investments, your will, estate costs, tax structures and shortfalls. We use the most advanced financial planning software and systems which are regularly upgraded to remain ahead of the industry.

4. Prepare and present a comprehensive financial plan and recommendations

At our next meeting we will present to you a written and bound financial plan. This financial plan will cover the three major aspects of your finances, namely (i) your risk cover, (ii) your retirement funding and investments, and (iii) your estate planning and your will. If you have a large amount of debt that needs to be dealt with, your plan will include a debt reduction plan. Together we will work through your financial plan and explain our proposed recommendations to you in detail.

5. Implement recommendations and solutions

If you are happy to proceed with the implementation of the proposed solutions, we will complete the necessary documentation together with you. All fees will be fully disclosed to you upfront, and our experienced team of financial para-planners will ensure that the administrative process takes place smoothly and efficiently.

6. Continually monitor and review your financial plan

A financial plan is a living document which changes as and when your personal circumstances change. From small lifestyle changes (such as quitting smoking) to larger events (such as the birth of a new child), every time your personal situation changes your plan needs to be updated. The review and update process need not be a cumbersome one. Although we like to meet at least once a year, we are able to update your plan as and when your circumstances warrant it. Financial planning is a life-long process and we intend being there for you every step of the way.

If you would like to begin the financial planning process with Crue Invest, please feel free to download our Crue Financial Needs Analysis. You may wish to fill it in as much as possible on your own, or contact us to book an appointment with one of our financial planners. We looking forward to building a trust relationship with you.