In line with our status as an FPI Approved Professional Practice™, Crue Invest (Pty) is committed to delivering the highest level of financial advice and service to each and every one of its clients. We do not differentiate our service offering according to the net worth or net income of a client. We hold ourselves and all staff in the business to the exacting standards of world-class customer service and fiercely independent financial advice. Our service level commitments to each client include the following:

  • Each client will have the opportunity to engage with a financial planner and legal advisor for the purposes of fully outlining their financial needs, concerns and objectives. The result of this engagement will be a comprehensive financial needs analysis, a comprehensive set of minutes and, where relevant, a mutual agreement to proceed in line with the agreed fee structure.
  • Each client will be presented in person with a bound personal financial plan which provides easy-to-understand recommendations and financial solutions. No client will ever be pressurised into implementing a financial solution or product.
  • Our team of financial planners and legal advisor will answer any questions a client may have. We are committed to full transparency and encourage detailed engagement between client and planner.
  • All emails or telephone calls from clients will be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. We pride ourselves of being fully accessible to our clients at all times. We do not use our secretarial staff as gate-keepers between clients and financial planners.
  • We view our financial planners as guides and mentors to our clients, and encourage all clients to engage with us continually on all finance-related matters. Our intention is not to limit client engagement to annual reviews. Our aim is to ensure ongoing, meaningful communication with our clients as we fulfil the role of trusted advisor.
  • All clients will have access to Crue Invest’s full suite of financial planning services including investment planning, retirement advice, risk analyses, estate planning, tax advice, business structuring, employee benefits and healthcare.
  • Through our monthly newsletter, Crue Chronicles, we will keep all clients updated on legislative changes, industry news and important information pertaining to Crue Invest.
  • All clients are invited to subscribe to our online blog entitled “Let’s talk about money” which is aimed at providing every-day, practical advice on money and finances.
  • Crue Invest will not proceed to implement any financial product or solution before ensuring that the client has a complete understanding of the matter.
  • As a business, we are committed to complete privacy of client information.
  • Crue Invest believes strongly in giving back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. As such, Crue Invest runs a regular financial literacy course for blue-collar and domestic workers which is aimed at raising the levels of financial literacy in South Africa.
  • Crue Invest is fiercely protective of its independent status. Our business is not affiliated with any assurer or product provider, and we have no shareholding in any other entity. We continually perform market due diligence to ensure that clients are offered the most appropriate, cost-effective, reputable and transparent solutions.
  • Crue Invest operates state-of-the-art technology which is maintained by Cyberlogic. All information is housed on our in-house server, is backed up daily and is the back-up tapes are stored off-site. In addition, all client information is held for a period of five years as is required by law. Where applicable, all information will be kept by Crue Invest on a confidential basis and will not be made available to third parties unless so authorised by the client beforehand or if Crue Invest is required to divulge such information in the public interest or under any law.Crue Invest holds professional indemnity insurance to the value of R15 million which is underwritten by Marsh Insurance Company.
  • Crue Invest is very serious about compliance and, for these purposes, we are contracted to an independent compliance company that performs quarterly compliance audits on our business in which all aspects of our financial planning process are carefully checked and audited. All findings are submitted to the Financial Services Board. We are pleased to advise that all compliance audits of our business have been extremely favourable, and our internal systems and processes have been found to be of the highest quality. The compliance of Crue Invest with the FAIS Act is monitored by Compli-Serve SA (Pty) Ltd, a licensed compliance practice, CO 194, who is contactable on 0861 273 783 or at riana@compliserve.co.za.
  • In terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), Crue Invest is an “accountable institution” and we are therefore obliged to report any suspicious and unusual transactions that may facilitate money laundering to the relevant authorities.
  • Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd is audited annually by our accountants and auditors, Braude, Gordon & Associates. Our Audited Financial Statements are submitted to the Financial Services Board before the end of June ever year, which is in line with legislative requirements.
  • We take customer dissatisfaction very seriously, and encourage any client complaints to be addressed directly to our managing director, Adv. Sue Torr on (021) 530 8500 or sue@crue.co.za. If a client cannot settle your complaint via this route, you are entitled to refer it to the FAIS Ombud. The Ombud has been created to provide you with a redress mechanism for any inappropriate financial advice that may have been given to you. The Ombudsman can be reached at info@faisombud.co.za or on (012) 4709080.
  • Crue Invest has a Conflict of Interests policy in place which is published on our website at crue.co.za and is available in hard copy at our reception. Adv. Sue Torr is the Money Laundering Officer for the business. Our business is fully subscribed to the concept of Treating Customers Fairly and has an updated TCF audit on record. All legislation pertaining to our business, including POPI, TCF, Health & Safety Act, FPI Codes of Conduct and FICA, to name just a few, are published on our internal server for all staff to access.
  • Regardless of age, income or net worth, our commitment is to treat all clients with respect and integrity, and to provide the highest level of independent advice in South Africa.

You are welcome to download a PDF copy of the Crue Invest SLA here.