Retirement planning is about more than just money. Through our interactions with you, we will seek to understand your vision of retirement. What does retirement look like for you? Do you want to continue working in some capacity? How will you stay connected and engaged? How will you achieve a balance between work, family, health, dreams and hobbies? What will the perfect day in retirement look like?

Every retirement plan is different

Because humans are living longer than ever before, we understand that retirement – in whatever format you choose to live it – is a significant life stage that can be incredibly fulfilling and exciting. Having accumulated enough wealth to retire comfortably is something that very few South Africans manage to achieve. The sooner one starts planning for retirement, the greater chance one has of reaching true financial freedom. Retirement comes in many shapes and forms, and every client has a unique picture of what retirement means. While some people dream of retiring at 65 and never working again, others imagine re-skilling themselves to pursue a passion or hobby they have long dreamed of. While some dream of downscaling and relocating to lead a more simply, off-the-grid lifestyle, others plan a retirement that is packed with travel and adventure. The common denominator of every retirement vision is having the freedom to choose, and this freedom comes from having accumulated enough wealth.

Living today like others won’t so you can live tomorrow like others can’t

Funding for retirement means finding the optimal balance between living comfortably in the present and saving adequately for tomorrow. Saving for a successful retirement naturally requires sacrifices in the here-and-now while taking a long-term view of financial freedom. Less than 6% of South Africans are able to retire while enjoying the same standard of living. Many people simply start thinking about their retirement when it is too late. Others underestimate the level at which they need to save on a monthly basis in order to secure an adequate pension income. Many make the mistake of assuming that their employer’s retirement fund will provide sufficiently for their retirement years. If one starts working at age 25 and retires at 65, there are only 480 pay cheques with which to fund for a retirement which could last in excess of 30 years. As the Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Your unique plan

Through one-on-one engagement and work shopping, our team of financial, legal and tax experts will develop a retirement plan that is uniquely yours. Taking into account your vision for the retirement life stage, your retirement plan will cover the structuring of your investment portfolio, methods to optimise tax efficiency, managing your various income streams and planning your cashflow in retirement. Through effective scenario planning, we are able to develop various retirement strategies using varying sets of assumptions, keeping in mind that your retirement plan is a living, flexible road map that will invariably need to be amended and adapted as life happens.


Your team of advisors

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