While you are in the process of accumulating wealth, it may be necessary to protect yourself against life’s eventualities. The risk continuum covers everything from severe illness, temporary disability, permanent disability and death.

Understanding your risk cover needs

The first step in the process is to understand what risk cover you require, if any. In our experience, many people do not understand the policies they have been sold in the past and feel that life cover is a grudge purchase. Our aim is to make sense of the cover you currently have in place. Thereafter, we engage with you in developing a number of ‘what-if’ scenarios in order to determine what areas of risk remain exposed. What happens if you were to die today? What income would your spouse or partner need, and for how long? How much would your children need to ensure they can complete a tertiary education? What would happen if you were temporarily disabled? Could you continue to generate an income? If you were permanently disabled today, how would you continue to fund your lifestyle, and how would you manage to save for your retirement? After developing these various ‘what-if’ scenarios, we are able to accurately assess the level of cover you need.

Independent solutions

We pride ourselves on being a fiercely independent practice. This means that we are contracted to a broad range of risk cover providers with no obligation to place business with any of them. Because of our independent status, we are able to source risk cover solutions for you that are appropriate for your needs, cost-effective and aligned with your goals. We do not believe in replacing policies simply for the sake of replacing. Our ethical approach means that all recommendations are made in the best interests of the client. If we believe that there are more appropriate, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions available for you, we will recommend them. Holding contracts with Hollard, Brightrock, Old Mutual, Discovery, Momentum, Liberty and Sanlam/PPS, we are able to provide a set of truly independent solutions for your risk cover needs.