No place for greed

Whilst it’s true that modern psychology is founded on the assumption that, in general, humans tend to think and behave rationally, this assumption has become somewhat of a misnomer in the realm of investing. Enter the relatively new field of… Read More ›

Women of worth

If necessity is the master of invention, then it’s safe to say that South African women have an impressively long list of needs, especially when it comes to business. Recent research into our country’s entrepreneurial frontier indicates that 33% of… Read More ›

The great escape

It goes without saying that an economic downturn gives rise to inevitable changes in consumer behaviour, particularly when it comes to the spending habits of the broader consumer market. The mere utterance of the word ‘recession’ invokes images of impoverished… Read More ›

Don’t stop the magic

With something as immensely powerful as compound interest at the fingertips of every income earner, it’s a wonder that so many South Africans are hopelessly under-invested for retirement. With an abundance of investment vehicles and asset managers to choose from,… Read More ›

Too good to be true

Think Bernard Madoff, Charles Ponzi and J. Arthur Brown and you’ll no doubt think fraudsters, white collar con-artists and investment scams. Through his Ponzi-styled investment scheme, Madoff managed to swindle over $65 billion from literally thousands of well-meaning investors over… Read More ›

The ‘me’ generation

Whoever labeled Baby Boomers the ‘Me Generation’ back in the 1970s got it hopelessly wrong. In answer to the question ‘Will the real ‘Me Generation’ please stand up?’, it’s Generation Y who jumped to their collective cyber-feet and grabbed the… Read More ›