In his book, “Consumed: How markets corrupt children, infantilise adults and swallow citizens whole”, Benjamin Barber notes that capitalism requires us to ‘need’ all that it produces in order to survive. In doing so, capitalism has morphed from its origins… Read More ›

Not a penny more

Of all the tactical weapons available to retailers when promoting their wares, the seemingly simplistic ploy of pricing could have more powerful leverage than one would imagine. In the competitive midst of brand power and corporate identity, it appears that… Read More ›

How much is enough?

Obviously, a significant part of our role as financial planners is to ensure that each of our clients has enough money invested to achieve their financial goals. We carefully plan our clients’ investments to ensure that their children can go… Read More ›

Dropping the baton

It never ceases to fascinate me that so many entrepreneurs who have literally invested their hearts and souls into forming, growing and running immensely successful businesses, fail to take that one small but-oh-so-vital step of developing a workable succession plan…. Read More ›