monthly budget

Mind over money

For many South Africans, budgeting is nothing more than a painful, penny-pinching process that sucks the joy out of life. Over and above the hard facts often revealed at the bottom of the balance-sheet, most of us are left, post-budgeting,… Read More ›

Smart shopping

Amidst the tinkle of tinsel, the bobbing of baubles and tinny renditions of age-old carols, the average consumer might be forgiven for misplacing their well-intended shopping list as their internal impulse mechanisms signal high alert. With most shops ablaze with… Read More ›

Braving the budget

If you’re anything like me, then drawing up your personal budget comes somewhere far down the list of “Things to do” – somewhere between “Service the dishwasher” and “Clean the gutters“. I’ve thought about this question ad nauseum – why… Read More ›